IVTEAM is the foremost professional online intravenous network on the internet. Each day, approximately 700 unique visitors view 1500 pages of easy to access relevant intravenous news and updates. IVTEAM offer a reliable interface that is compatible with multiple browsers. Navigation for the user is intuitive and reliable. IVTEAM do not restrict the ease of navigation through the use of nuisance login or advertisement screens.

1375 individual news items posted in 24 months.
Fifteen core topics focus the visitor towards potential points of interest.
First page Google ranked on a number of intravenous keyword searches such as ‘intravenous’, ‘IV care’, ‘intravenous conference’.
Supported by a number of existing corporate sponsors.
An average of 20,000 visits to each sponsored product page per annum.
Over a thousand subscribers (and growing) to the IVTEAM newsletter.
During twelve months 190,563 visitors have opened 367,900 IVTEAM pages.
The majority of visitors to IVTEAM (75.39%) use a search engine to find the site. 12.12% is direct traffic and 13.55% click links on another site to arrive at IVTEAM.

IVTEAM is a truly international site. 74.4% of IVTEAM visitors arrive from Northern America and Northern Europe.